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Hi, my name is Marlene. I am a Holistic Bereavement Counsellor / Psychotherapist, I am dedicated to supporting you to work through your grief in a safe and confidential space. I will help you to pave your path to a better tomorrow. During the time that we meet you will be heard, supported and understood. 

Feeling better to live again

Learn to Cope again with Everyday Life

Private sessions

Your Safe & Confidential Space to talk

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From Loss To Recovery

Jena Therapies Is Here To Support You Step By Step From Loss To Recovery.

You may feel Fear Denial Anger Guilt Emptiness Panic Shock Confusion Depression Numb

We All Experience Grief Differently.

Holistic Bereavement Counsellor / psychotherapist

Meet Marlene

Hello, my name is Marlene Jenas, I am a fully qualified Holistic Bereavement Counsellor / Psychotherapist (MBACP), I specialise in Bereavement Counselling. I have been working successfully with bereaved adults for the past 6 years. I am also a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) and have worked with adults abused in childhood. Additionally, I have experience with group facilitation, Play therapy, Reiki and Sound therapy.

I am personable and understanding, with strong active listening skills which is key in my working relationship with my clients. My experience partnered with my empathetic, caring, genuine and patient nature offers unconditional support without judgement. 

My holistic and therapeutic approach highlights the fact that my clients have the power within themselves to heal and move forward positively in life.

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I specialise in bereavement counselling and I also support those suffering with difficulties from depression, sexual abuse, anxiety, low self-esteem. I am also a group facilitator so can work with groups or individuals. I am a member of the British Association for Counsellors (BACP) and I am here to help.

Feeling better to live again

Feel safe to Grieve in your way

When someone special to you has died, your emotions may become so overwhelming that you feel lost. Together we will help you find your way.

Private sessions

Safe & Confidential

All sessions take place via phone or online. (Online sessions are secure & confidential)

Reiki is a Japanese art

Reiki & Mindfulness Practitioner for adults & children

I will be working with you to promote healing relaxation for your mind, body and spirit. This holistic therapy will support your wellness on the path to better health.

Sound Therapist

Everything in our world vibrates through the energy of sound waves, some are more subtle than others. Singing bowls create a state of deep relaxation with their sounds. They are a powerful form of therapy to destress and relax.

Step by Step to a better Tomorrow

Taking your grieving process at your pace. Rebuilding an integrated foundation for a happier future without forgetting you loved one.

I sat with my anger long enough, until she told me her real name was grief...

– Ashok Gupta

About Bereavement Counselling

Bereavement counselling is a specialised type of counselling that involves supporting individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one. I sit with you whilst you explore how your loss is impacting your every day. 

You may not associate the anger, loss of appetite or lack of sleep with grief. The varied emotions you may be feeling are a natural part of your grieving process.

 The first step towards healing your hurt, pain and overwhelming emotions will usually be decided by you. If you are wanting to feel better, talking to someone who will give you their undivided attention for fifty minutes, will be time well spent.

Together we can make your world seem right again.

Marlene Jenas Therapist

Key Elements

You can overcome your sadness and grief

The Stages Of Grief

The Emotions Of Bereavement Death is another step towards home  – Ram Dass When we lose someone we love, our...

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you don't have to go through this alone

My Services

I am here to give you the support that you may need to start to feel more like yourself again.

All communications begin with an initial assessment where I get to know a bit more about you so can create your path to a better tomorrow.

In-Person Counselling

Unfortunately, Face-to-face sessions are unavailable until further notice.

Please book a remote session. These take place by phone or online and have many of the same benefits of face-to-face sessions.

Remote Counselling
How it works

Free 15 Minute Introduction (One off)
40 Minute Assessment (One off)
50 Minute Session (Weekly)

  • Confidential Secure Sessions
  • Convenient & Easy to access
  • All Sessions are Remote 
  • Sessions Take Place Online or by Phone
  • Great for Individuals
  • Bulk Booking Discounts


Sessions from £75

Group Counselling Sessions
How It Works


Free 15 Minute Introduction (One off)
40 Minute Assessment (One off)
From 60 Minutes (Weekly / Bi-Weekly)

  • Confidential Secure Sessions
  •  Convenient & Easy to access
  • All Sessions are Remote 
  • Sessions Take Place Online or by Phone
  • Great for Couples, Families and Groups
  • Bulk Booking Discount

SESSIONs from 2+ people

Sessions from £100

Frequently asked questions


I have answered a few of the most common questions that tend to come up with clients. In trying to answer some of the most common questions that I am asked. It is not my intention to over simplify or offend anyone who is grieving for a loved one.

You may have a thousand questions in your mind which centre around the question “Why”.

It may seem that you are walking around as if in a dream, it may seem unreal like you want to wake up. So that life can be normal again where your loved one is present.



Unfortunately we can not go back and may not feel like moving forward. But it is important to try and move forward in the best way possible

  • Do not allow anyone to invalidate or rush your time of grieving.
  • Do not allow anyone to tell you its time to get over it and move on with your life. We all mourn differently.

If you don’t find an answer to your own questions on the FAQ page and would like to discuss your thoughts. Then I would like to invite you to book a free 15 minute trial counselling session. 

Just press one of the ‘Book a Session‘ buttons around the website or go the the ‘Contact Me’ page. 

Very best opinions

Client's successes

"Marlene never missed a session and could be completely relied on. We also seemed to get on very well which is vital in this one to one work."
Bereavement Therapy Client
"I worked with Marlene for almost a year. I can now cope with life again, I felt we had probably gone as far as we could, but I will really miss her humour and completely non-judgemental approach."
Bereavement Therapy Client
"I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given me over the loss of my sibling. Marlene your help has given me the strength to go forward, I continue to learn with what you have shown me. With thanks."
Bereavement Therapy Client

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