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Sound Therapy at Jena Therapies

Everything in our world vibrates through the energy of sound waves, some are more subtle than others. We all love music either to dance, sing or just to listen to.

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Destress and find relaxation

Reiki is a spiritual practice which works with our universal life force energy to promote relaxation and healing for mind, body and spirit.

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Get the support that you need to heal

Safe and Confidential Space Empathic Counsellor Weekly sessions to talk openly Support to heal your grief Questions About Therapy What is Therapy? Therapy is where…

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Help awaits things will get easier

How Bereavement Counselling Can Help You Create A Better Tomorrow When your loved one has died you may feel like you are struggling to cope,…

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You can ask for help to get over your grief

What Does A Bereavement Counsellor Do? As a bereavement counsellor, I give you the time and space to talk about your loss and express your…

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You can overcome your sadness and grief

The Emotions Of Bereavement Death is another step towards home  – Ram Dass When we lose someone we love, our own skin can feel like…

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